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Kevin T. Kennedy
Principal Designer

Kevin has over 15 years experience in developing user interactivity, animation, and content for a variety of businesses and organizations. His interests in art, history, scale-modeling and photography define the editing and purpose behind Fulcrum.

Specializing in web design, Mr. Kennedy has built over 100 unique web sites as well as presentations, displays/kiosks, print, audio and photography.

Kevin’s Resume (.pdf).

Contact Mr. Kennedy: kkennedy@gowestchester.net.

L. Danielle Cylich
Content Development/Editing

Danielle Cylich currently assists in content development for Fulcrum. Knowledge of area history and strong community ties serve well to assist her in research and copy writing.

Contact Danielle Cylich: ldcylich@bestweb.net


  Fulcrum Resource Development
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